Nourishment. We all need it to survive. And, since at a glance, newborn humans don't seem to do much, we tend to fixate on their obvious, most prominent needs: sleeping and feeding.

In reality, human newborns being exterogestates, enormous and exponential changes are happening, and critical functions are unfolding beneath the surface. We know this. But because we can't see, touch, feel all of it, it's natural to sometimes simplify the jobs that we are doing to help sustain this growth of our babies.

In becoming a certified lactation counselor, I vowed to spread knowledge to moms, families, other professionals, and communities about the countless protective, psychological, and developmental benefits for babies and moms breastfeeding has. I believe in the science and I trust in the stats.

And although there are layers and layers of fascinating complexities to breastfeeding, I know that this is only a sliver of all the gifts a mother is giving/can give to continue their little one's gestatio...

I've always been a "glass half full" kinda gal, so I want to talk about all of the good stuff that happens to your body, your drive, and your relationships, post-baby. I'm also driven to talk about moms, not just their adorable offspring, and what's real. Because who has time for cliche and pessimism?

While real for some (or even many), do saggy boobs, "mummy tummies" (I loathe this term), and unwashed/coiffed hair really matter?

Now, I am just as guilty as the next, in assigning too much value to physical appearance, at times. But, instead of feeling shame about falling prey to societal and cultural pressures and expectations, I try my best to take a step back and remember, that pregnancy-related body changes are not flaws, and certainly not what I truly care about deep down.

Noise: it's hard to tune it out, isn't it? All that noise about dropping the "baby weight", getting back to pre-baby jeans, hurrying back to the gym or crossfit, bouncing back to work, and "supermom" this and t...

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