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Prenatal Wellness

& Postpartum Prep


Pelvic girdle (SI joint, pubic symphysis, tailbone), hip, groin, low back, soft tissue/muscle, hemmorhoids, varicosities, wrist/hand/

joints, constipation/bowel dysfunction

bladder control

  • Can't make it to the bathroom in time?

  • Dripping after you use the toilet?

  • Leak with sneezing/coughing/getting up?

  • Sensation of "things falling out", heaviness, pressure in pubic area?

Mood & Thought Changes

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Excessive worry

  • Sleep changes

  • Sadness, grief, uncertainty

  • Concern about bonding w/ baby

  • Concurrent loss of loved one

  • History of trauma

  • Pre-existing mood disorders

challenging mobility

  • Difficulty with walking, standing, stair climbing, transferring from one surface to another

  • Limitations with lifting/carrying/holding and managing loads

  • Limited tolerance for work station set up/movement requirements, and energy demands

Whether you're newly pregnant or approaching delivery, you are undoubtedly experiencing a plethora of physical and emotional changes and challenges. We are here to focus on you, not just baby. Our services encompass education in pelvic health concepts/your anatomy, energy management training,  exercise prescription, and lifestyle practices and behavioral strategies to support your emotional and social health.  Splinting, supports, and adaptive equipment (like special cushions, positioning devices, etc) may be recommended. You will learn how your breath is the "driver" of your core and pelvic floor and build your own skill set to support your birthing experience and early postpartum rehabilitation. 

She Thrives Therapy prioritizes your mental health, right along with your physical well-being.  We also understand the natural, physiological changes happening in your brain due to hormonal shifts and how that translates into your function from a cognitive and behavioral perspective. With this knowledge and through education, adaptive strategies, and planning, we can help you navigate your daily routines, demands, and relationships as you move along your transition into motherhood.

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