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Postpartum Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation

Women's Pelvic Health


Pain in pelvis, back, groin?

Pain with lifting, carrying, getting up from floor, caring for baby?

Problems with prolonged sitting, standing, driving, walking or running?


Pain with intercourse? 

Birthing experience impacting your drive?

Confused and conflicted about body image, function, and relationships?

bowel/bladder function

Leaking with coughing/sneezing/laughing/lifting/sex?

Struggling with constipation?

Can't make it to the bathroom in time?

return to fitness

Don't know where to start?

Not sure what's helpful or harmful?

Unclear on the 6-week postpartum "green light" regarding exercise, exertion, & general activity level?

Why choose She Thrives to guide your physical recovery from birth & pregnancy?

  • Women's Health Expertise - Trained by top researchers & practitioners in the field, to ensure evidenced-based, high quality care delivery
  • Holistic ApproachSkill set supporting multiple areas within women's health umbrella
  • Perinatal Mental Health Certified Practitioner - Because women and mothers have unique mental health needs; physical and mental health are intertwined.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certified - competent in assessing and prescribing the best exercises for issues such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction as well as for prevention of SI joint and low back pain and dysfunction.
  • Birth Healing Institute trained Practitioner - unique skills to identify and treat common birthing patterns that cause pain & dysfunction, holistic approach to treatment looking at the tissues, bones, viscera, and energy
  • Convenience - We are a mobile service - we come to you so you can be in the comfort of your own home and eliminate packing up/travel time.
  • Relatable, compassionate, knowledgeable - We have been in your shoes! We are extremely motivated to help you meet your goals and eliminate pain or other symptoms but also to facilitate confidence building. And we are committed to ongoing, comprehensive training, mentorship, and study so we can deliver only top notch therapeutic care for best outcomes.


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