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Adolescent Pelvic Health

When we think about "Women's Health", we tend not to think about our women-to-be (girls) and young women (teens, young adults). Usually we assume this umbrella term has to do with fertility, pregnancy, menopause, and gynecological issues. Girls and young women deserve dedicated healthcare unique to their life transitions and various (sometimes challenging) physical, emotional, and bodily changes. 

Women's Pelvic Health

The capacity our bodies have as women and what happens in order for a baby to grow in our womb is simply miraculous! We're not always prepared, however, for what this process does to our pelvic muscles, reproductive organs, connective tissue, and other structures. Since having your baby, have you noticed any leaking? Does everything "down there" feel weaker than it used to? Feel pressure, pain, or bulging? Have you noticed a split in your abdomen that doesn't seem to be getting better? 

Maternal Mental Health Support

Did you know that the #1 complication of childbirth is depression? Did you know that the umbrella term, perinatal mood disorders (PMADs), also includes anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder, and more? 15-20% of new mothers struggle with emotional/mental health complications , likely even more, since they are widely under-reported.

I point out these facts, not to instill fear, but rather, to encourage normalization: of maternal mental health awareness, conversation, and to emphasize the importance of care for mothers. For women who don't necessarily fall under those diagnostic categories, there's still a very good chance that you may be struggling, on some level, with the enormous shifts in lifestyle, roles, routines, relationships, disappointment of how reality may not be fully aligning with your expectations, or feeling guilt or shame about just how hard you're finding this whole motherhood thing to be (since society tends to tell us that we should be enjoying every minute). Perhaps you are feeling grief over the loss of your pre-baby life and are finding it difficult to bond with your baby.

Lactation Counseling

Brooke offers a unique perspective in optimizing success of breastfeeding for both mom and baby. She brings 3 major components to the table, when offering support to breastfeeding moms:

1) Lived experience - both a  (self-identified) successful breastfeeding experience and a much less successful breastfeeding experience;

2) Education/training/licensure in Occupational Therapy;

3) Lactation Counseling Training/Certification

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