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Maternal Mental Health Support

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Did you know that the #1 complication of childbirth is depression? Did you know that the umbrella term, maternal mental health disorders, also includes anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder, and more? 15-20% of new mothers struggle with emotional/mental health complications , likely even more, since they are widely under-reported.

I point out these facts, not to instill fear, but rather, to encourage normalization: of maternal mental health awareness, conversation, and to emphasize the importance of care for mothers. For women who don't necessarily fall under those diagnostic categories, there's still a very good chance that you may be struggling, on some level, with the enormous shifts in lifestyle, roles, routines, relationships, disappointment of how reality may not be fully aligning with your expectations, or feeling guilt or shame about just how hard you're finding this whole motherhood thing to be (since society tends to tell us that we should be enjoying every minute). Perhaps you are feeling grief over the loss of your pre-baby life and are finding it difficult to bond with your baby.


Here, at She Thrives, we strive to educate on maternal mental health norms in order to increase awareness, reduce isolation, and to empower. Because, with help, you will be well and you WILL feel like yourself again. We look at how these heavy emotions play out in your everyday living and collaborate with you (and your supports) on ways in which you can feel best supported. We may dissect division of labor in your household and work on improving delegation, explore structure and systems to help reduce stress and anxiety, and practice use of important tools to strengthen partnerships. Additionally, we will work to ensure that all influential aspects of mental health are addressed, including movement, nutrition, and spirituality.

Whether it's through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, defining and implementing effective self-care, guiding through relaxation and coping strategies, or role-playing difficult dialogue, your care plan will be derived from what's meaningful to you and what you identify as priorities in restoring function.

Resources for additional clinical/social support available and referrals to specialists made as appropriate.

Why choose She Thrives to support your emotional well-being?

  • Our services differ from traditional counseling in that strategies & techniques in managing difficult emotions are discussed, but then taken a few steps further wherein we look at how those tools can be played out  in specific daily functional tasks, relationships, and domains

  • Full hour (+) one-on-one care in the comfort and convenience of your home - no need to pack up the baby & gear, drive, sit & wait (and then do it all over again)

  • Holistic, bio/psycho/social approach means we look at whole body health: How are you moving? What are you fueling your body with in terms of nutrition? how might your hormone activity/landscape be effecting your mood? How can different sensory experiences influence your mind health? What do your sleep patterns look like?

  • Perinatal Mental Health Certified Practitioner - there are very few clinicians specifically trained and certified in this practice area; trained with leaders in the field of perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International

  • Women of Color Health Equity Collective (formerly MotherWoman, Inc.) Motherwoman Support Group  Facilitator trained - a program with main mission to support and empower mothers; an experience that can be a powerful adjunct to other treatment approaches; one that elicits inner strength as well as deep connection to other mothers. Now with a new name and focus, The Collective sends this message "...given the current economic, political, and social climate that has negatively affected People of Color across our country, it is a timely change. Our expanded mission is to promote the resilience and empowerment of Women of Color to advance health and wellness by building community-capacity and advocating for just policies through evidence-based research and grassroots organizing. What would it look like if Women and Girls of Color enjoyed optimal health and well-being."

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