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About Brooke

Her Story


Brooke is an accomplished registered and licensed occupational therapist with over 21 years of working in the healthcare industry. Her unique background includes practice in several world-renowned rehabilitation and hospital settings based in Boston and NYC such as Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Maimonides Medical Center. Here, she specialized in treatment of patients with complex, and often severe injuries or illnesses, where her role was to support their first steps towards recovery and function.


Her professional experience has encompassed evaluation and treatment of both adult and pediatric populations, with diagnoses spanning medically complex, orthopedic & trauma, neurologic, burn, cardiac, behavioral and developmental, among others. As is inherent in all Occupational Therapy practice, no matter the diagnosis, her approach has always been holistic in nature,  which uniquely includes skilled intervention of both physical and mental health needs.

After becoming a mother 11 years ago, Brooke embarked on a difficult journey, navigating postpartum depression and anxiety, multiple pregnancy losses, and secondary infertility. The physical symptoms she experienced throughout this time period, like pelvic pain and weakness, made her attempts to feel "normal" that much harder.  She feels very lucky to have been savvy of available resources and to have been a strong self-advocate, which resulted in good (but not great) care. Unfortunately, many women normalize what they are experiencing, assuming that things like incontinence, intense worry, and pain just come with the territory of birthing a baby - and never seek help.


Like all mothers, enormous shifts in her roles, routines, and lifestyle occurred. Becoming a mom brought pure bliss, but also overwhelming struggle. From these blessings and challenges came a newfound passion: to merge the lessons of her own motherhood experience with her science and evidenced-based healthcare expertise into a practice that benefits other women experiencing gaps in their maternal health journeys. Through therapy, education, and advocacy, she is determined to help you THRIVE.

Brooke is the founder of She Thrives Therapy Solutions and has received training from numerous top Women's Health, Pelvic Health, and Maternal Mental Health specialists both locally and from afar. She is a member of and volunteer for Postpartum Support International, former ambassador and contractor for 2020 Mom Project, and proudly served with the perinatal health collaborative at South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center in Norwell, MA . In addition, she is an active member of MAOT (Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy),AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) and a Women's Health Occupational Therapy Mastermind group.

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Birth Healing Specialty Care

Maternal Mental Healthcare

Activity Analysis & Adaptive Strategy

Upper Extremity Orthopedic Injury Management

Postnatal Functional Exercise Programming

Restorative Movement

Lactation Counseling

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