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Gift Certificates

Honor a new mother's resilience and grace transitioning into the  world of care-giving by gifting her with the care of a professional maternal wellness expert. Services include: Women's Pelvic Health, Maternal Mental Health Support, and Lactation Counseling.
She will love this gesture as it offers guidance, healing, and compassion in a very joyous, but overhwlelming time of her life.

We live a few states away from our daughter, son-in-law, and our new grandbaby. This allows only occasional visits. Gifting our daughter with She Thrives helped us feel like we were helping from afar.


We knew that what she didn't need was more meals, onesies, and flowers....but rather, something that would truly help in those early, tough days. Something that was perfectly tailored to her needs.


We were in over our heads. And when my paternity leave ended, this gave me peace of mind that my wife was being supported by someone who could help walk her through some of the tough stuff.


*Currently available for Initial in-home consultations. Contact us if interested in gifting a package, which would include initial consult and several follow-up visits. Customizable.

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